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Hello world!

Welcome to the 2009 Wexner undergraduate seminar from the Department of History of Art, Film Studies, and the Wexner Center at Ohio State University. The interested public is invited to check in here anytime and make comments whenever you wish.

Thanks to the Media Arts curators at the Wexner Center for suggesting this blog, and thanks to Chris Stults, who curates the Wexner’s avant-garde film programs, for setting up the blogsite and helping me administer it. He has added some links on the right side of this blog that should convince anyone that the world of alternative film is rich beyond belief.

That is what this Wexner seminar will explore. This blog will be simple. Once or twice a week, I will post the best one or two short essays by seminar students, who will be writing about the media arts events on this season’s Wexner calendar; they won’t be writing about all of them, but quite a few. The other students in the class, and the general public, can read and post comments on those essays. We’ll see where it goes.

Anyone in the general public who would like to see a syllabus for the seminar, let me know at green.31@osu.edu.

More to come,

Ron Green

Professor of Film Studies in the Dept of History of Art, OSU

P.S.: Above will be posted a continuing series of very short essays produced by students in the undergraduate seminar on Wexner Media Arts screenings. These essays are the best of some twenty essays written without notes in five minutes at the beginning of each class meeting after the assigned Wexner screenings. Comments by students in the class and by the general public are welcome. Comments by the general Wexner audience are especially welcome.


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